Review: The Blob (1958)

The Blob is a 1958 independently-produced sci-fi/horror B-movie directed by Irvin Yeaworth, and starring Steve McQueen in his first film role, and Aneta Corsaut, in one of her only.

The film tells the tale of a group of 1950’s sterotypical teenagers who have to save a small town from the invasion of an alien lifeform in the shape of an amorphous blob which devours everything in its path. In other words:

Is there a film concept more schlocky, yet oddly effective than that? The Blob is what it is, and what it is is not perfect, yet it does what it does exactly the way that it should. The film has a few dry spells, namely anything without either the titular blob or Steve McQueen, as most of the actors are just kinda boring. While not particularly spectacular in this, Steve McQueen’s scenes are still a welcome relief, as his naturally charismatic screen presence carries the film, proving himself a highly capable actor who certainly earned the title “The King of Cool.”

The cheesy aesthetic of the film is pleasant, as the colors are vibrant and the clothing swell. The 50’s may not have been the best period socially, but it still had its charm. Nothing in the picture is particularly innovative, with the cardboard cut-out characters and extraordinarily dated effects, particularly the scene in which a power line is dropped on the blob. The story follows the same predictable beats you’d guess it would, and there are no surprises to be found. However, the dull narrative is played out in such an energetic and earnest way that it’s difficult to resist The Blob’s charm. None of the deaths are well-done, and the monster itself is terrifying in concept, but not so much in execution. The result is an entertainingly schlocky and rather silly relic that can still be enjoyed by audiences today.

Nothing innovative, but still quite good, The Blob earns a B-.

b-minus-school-letter-grade (1)

So, whaddya think? Have you seen The Blob? What’s your favorite B-movie, 50’s or otherwise? Whatever you thought, leave a comment on down under, and I’ll see you later. Bye!

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  1. Your review is just as much fun as the film! You’re right about Steve McQueen’s charisma and the special effects. This is everything a 1950s sci-fi movie was meant to be, and it’s fabulous. “Schlocky” is the perfect description.

    As a random aside, I wonder if sales of Jello were affected when The Blob was first released…?

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    1. Thanks! I enjoyed it a lot more than I had anticipated.
      That’s hilarious, the thought of American audiences quaking at the sight of Jello! 😀

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