Classic Movie History Project Blogathon: Modern Era

Spreadin’ the knowledge! Final day of Classic Movie History Project Blogathon. Enjoy!

Silver Screenings

Welcome to the swanky Modern Era of the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon (a.k.a. FREE Film History classes). Our partners in crime (Fritzi and Aurora) have already covered the Silent Era and the Golden Age, so be sure to swing by their sites for more movie history knowledge.


Thanks to Flicker Alley for sponsoring and promoting this event. They have two historical (and historic!) new releases: a gorgeous restored Blu-ray of Dziga Vertov’s most famous works and an eye-popping collection of vintage 3D Rarities. You can win the 3D Rarities collection too. (Details here.)

The Modern Era is controversial. Some folks feel the classic movie era ended in 1967 with the abandonment of the Production Code, but we (as in, yours truly) feel the definition of “classic” is more fluid. Luckily, we’re in good company because just look at the fabulous posts below!

(Note: This page will be updated as new…

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